Championship Points and Information

Maxxis MSA English Rally Championship

The 2017 MAXXIS MSA English Rally Championship includes a selection of the best one-day Nat B forest and asphalt events in England, with the additional option of a unique double-header weekend in Wales. The Championship is open to all stage rally cars and will be split into 8 championship classes with the scoring system reflecting achievement against other competitors in the same class so that everyone has an chance of becoming English Rally Champion..

1Ian Joel50
2=George Lepley48
2=Matt Edwards48
2=Ernie Graham48
5Tommie Meadows47
1Graeme Wood49
2=Tom Woodburn48
2=Darren Garrod 48
2=Robin Kellard48
5Toby Brick43

Maxxis MSA Junior English Rally Championship

The MSA English Rally Junior Championship is open to all competitors born on or after 1st January 1994.

1George Lepley38
2Tommi Meadows34
3Zak Hughes34
4=Matthew Hirst32
4=Ewan Tindall32
1Abi Haycock34
2Tom Murphy21
3Liam Johnson20
4Keaton Williams19
5Robert Smith17